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•• DESCRIPTION •• Personalized Stove Top Cover - Personalized wooden stove top tray, in your choice of color.  This tray can be used on both electric AND gas stoves. This wooden stove top cover is created from 8 pieces of wood, hand cut, assembled, and stained in your choice of color (see below).

•• SIZE •• This large tray is 30 inches side to side, by 21 inches back to front. This is the size of a standard stove top. If you need a custom size, smaller or larger, please include in your order details.

•• COLORS •• Please choose the color of your tray from the drop down:

- Brown Stain - your tray will be a dark brown stain with white lettering and white leaf details
- Grey Stain - your tray will be stained a grey stain with white lettering and white leaf details

•• HOW TO ORDER •• Please choose your option from the "Wording" drop down:


- Initial and Est. Year - your tray will display a capitalized initial, AND an established year, with leaf details on either side of the wording.

When adding the item to your cart, you will see a section that says "What would you like on your stove cover?". This box must be filled in before adding your item to your cart. Please enter your personalization in the box under the area that states "Please enter your personalization here. Example: S est. 2018".

Entering "S est. 2018" will be displayed "S est. 2018" on your cover.

•• FAQ'S ••

1. Is this a cutting board? NO. It is a cover, only.
2. Is it fireproof? NO. Please allow stove top or burners to cool completely before putting this cover back on the stove. The cover is WOOD. Wood will warp when placed on heat. If your cover warps, due to the heat, a new cover will not be issued.
3. Can I use for this for a stove with burners or flat top only? Both. Burners - the cover will just sit on top of the burners. Flat top - it will sit on the stove top.

Custom Wooden Stove Cover Personalized LOCAL PICKUP ONLY


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